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Abstract diptych

Acrylic on canvas

20 '' X 40 ''

50cm X 100cm

Contemporary work, varied colors, opaque colors, overlapping pieces of colors. 2 canvases easy to integrate into various decorations.

Piece by piece in the present moment, pure pleasure!

I have worked each of these colors with love. None of these colors can be bought in a paint tube, they are the result of the artist's work. Each color is imbued with a memory. Memory of a love, memory of a birth, memory of a trip to the mountains, a trip to the sea, a stay in the countryside! Each color is an emotion. A dinner with friends filled with laughter, a wedding filled with love, the departure of a loved one filled with sadness, the smile of a child that melts your heart with happiness, the pride of success, the caress of a mother who consoles all sorrows, the gaze of a lover who makes you dream for a thousand and one night. These colors are all that for me and more.

Pieces of pleasure

  • Purchase online or make an appointment with the artist to see the work in the studio:

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