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Acrylic on canvas square format 16''x16''

40.64cm x40.64cm

Colorful abstract landscape. With soft colors and calm.


I appealed to my web community to find the title of this work. Here are the suggestions received: Sunset, Sweet Moment, Perseverance, Birth, Jewel of the Islands, Horizon, Kamouraska, Peace, Escarpment, Emergence, Promise, Twilight Uncertain Light, Martrice, Beanstalk. My choice is stopped at Birth, but I keep all suggestions in my heart. My art is a way of communicating other than with words. When I receive comments, it's a dialog that starts and it's magique. Colour: Grey, blue, old pink, orange, green.


  • Purchase online or make an appointment with the artist to see the work in the studio:

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